A new Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions
will be available at the con:

Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 4
Cover/Back Color Art by Pat C.

Starsky & Hutch, Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions #4 will be at SHareCon. This issue is the "romantic" DLDV -- with a long, romantic story from DMS called Circles, several romantic shorts from Morgan Logan, and other romantic, humorous shorts from jat sapphire, KimberlyFDR, and DaraRose. For those of you who look to DLDV for darker, edgier fic, you will find enough to please in powerful stories by Verlaine, Elizabeth Lowry, Jessica Celliers, and KimberlyFDR. The zine has a gorgeous color cover portrait of Hutch and and gorgeous color back cover of Starsky both by classic SH artist Pat C. There are also 2 color interior pieces and 1 B&W by Morgan Logan. Oh, and last but not least we have a poem in the classic Shakespearean mold by our own Vera Truet.

In short, a little something for everyone. Not sure of the price yet, but if at all possible, the zine may be about $20 giver or take a few. Won't know till the bill gets in. Email Flamingo with any questions.