All these zines contain fiction by multiple award-winning fan writers.
The Lucky & the Strong is mixed gen and slash; all other zines are all slash.

The Lucky & the Strong

156 pages, 78,000 words (S&H, S/H)

A Great Ending--Lynna B.
Echoes of Fear--Londa P.
The Company You Keep--Linda M.
Until the Stars Grow Cold--Theresa Kyle
Ken's Friend--Tabby D.
Officer Friendly--Monica Rose
Violations--Eleanor Burke Marshall
Requiem for Vanessa--Theresa Kyle
The Sixth Seal--Terri B.
Not Skin Deep--Pat Charles
Epitaph (poetry)--Michelle Christian
You're in My Heart--Pam T.
Shadows--Leah S.
The Right to Touch--Mary M.
Into the Sunset--Monica Rose
Milestone on a Long, Long Trip--BARAVAN (Moonshine)
"Forever"--Linda M.

"...Turned to Fire"
<241 pages, 125,000+ words>
Color Cover by Suzan Lovett
Slash Talent in Fandom Award (Best zine - Misc. Category): Media West 1995
Huggy Award (Best SH Zine): ZebraCon 1995

Turned to Fire (poetry)--Pat M.
End of the Line--Rosemary C.
For Official Departmental Use Only--Monica Rose
Game Point--Theresa Kyle
The Ides of August-1986--Sarah Williston
Through Love's Eyes (poetry)--Leah Starsky
Foolish Dreams, Futile Hopes--Elizabeth Lowry
Futile Dreams, Foolish Hopes--Elizabeth Lowry
Dreams and Hopes--Elizabeth Lowry
Discovering Fire--Linda M.
Mayan Blue (poetry)--Pat M.
The Velveteen Hutch--Sylvia Bond
The Ides of August-1987--Sarah Williston
The Light of Recognition--Tabby D.
Diamond Sheathed in Gold (poetry)--Leah S.
Heartbeat--Theresa Kyle
Revelations--Mary M.
Summer's Rain--Leah S.
A Midsummer Night's Dream--Theresa Kyle
Button, Button--Marian K.
The Last Mile on a Long, Long Trip--BARAVAN (Moonshine)

Blue Eyes and Blue Jeans
<186 pages, 105,000 words>
Color Cover by Suzan Lovett
Slash Talent in Fandom Award (Best zine - Misc. Category): Media West 1996
Huggy Award (Best SH Zine): ZebraCon 1997

Milestone--Emily Levin
Need (poetry)--Leah S.
Night Reflections--Linda C.
Water and Flame (poetry)--Lynne Dhenson
When Gravity Fails--Linda M.
Everybody Hurts (poetry)--Michelle Christian
The Thin Blue Line (poetry)--Michelle Christian
Starsky and Hutchinson are Dead--Monica Rose
Best Friend--Theresa Kyle
The Rose, You (poetry)--Lynne Dhenson
Uncharted Wilderness--Mary M.
Question (poetry)--Emily R.
Shadow Boxer--Jane
Golden Boy--Mary Louise Fisher

Blue Eyes and Blue Jeans 2
<193 pages, 110,200 words>
Color Cover by Linda Cody
Slash Talent in Fandom Award (Best zine - Misc. Category): Media West 1997
Nominated for Huggy Award (Best SH Zine): Zebra Con 1997

The Last to Know--Telana Wells
Night and Day (poetry)--Lynne Dhenson
Pearls Beyond Price--Carolyn Bell
Waltz Me Again--Ginger F.
Insurance Noire--Eleanor Burke Marshall & Letitia Emerson Lawrence
Moment in the Greenhouse (poetry)--Lynne Dhenson
Happy Birthday to You--Flamingo
Triple XXX-Tremity--Fee Folay
Midnight Ramblings and Morning Musings (poetry)--Lari Clardy
Why I Live at the Best Western--Mary Louise Fisher
Nuts--Linda C.
Journal Entry--Telana Wells
Show and Tell--Isabel Ortiz
Presents Under the Tree--Telana Wells
Dream a Little Dream--Emily Levin
The Salt Point--Isabel Ortiz

<108 pages, 58,634 words>
S/H novel by Linda McGee (The first draft of this story appeared in Nightlight 1. This slightly expanded version is three pages longer and is printed in a reader-friendly 12 point font.)
Color Cover by Linda Cody
Interior Illustrations by Merle Decker
Huggy Award (Best SH Novel): ZebraCon 1997
Slash Talent in Fandom Award (Best SH Novel): Media West 1998

Cross the Line
<226 pages, 135,350 words>
Color Cover by Suzan Lovett
Huggy Award (Best SH Zine): ZebraCon 1999

Double Feature--Sarah Problem
An Even Tighter Closet--Rosemary C.
Upon Reflection (poetry)--Lynne Dhenson
The Heart Can't Lie--Jesse Taylor
If Love is Real:Helen--Flamingo
Rivulets After the Rain (poetry)--Lynne Dhenson
Bathrooms I Have Known--Mary Louise Fisher
Intercourse (poetry)--Lynne Dhenson
Perchance to Dream--Theresa Kyle
Canario--Diana Dolor (Moonshine)

<211 pages, 117,700 words>
Color Cover by Suzan Lovett
Interior Art by L.A. Pinn
Huggy Award (Best SH Zine): ZebraCon 2001

Before This Dance is Through--Theresa Kyle
Illumination (poetry)--Lynne Dhenson
A Body Worth Guilding--L.A. Pinn
The Crossing--Jadrien English
Anticipation--Elizabeth Cochrane
The Right Beholder--Rosemary C.
Letting Go (poetry)--Lynne Dhenson
Something to Talk About--Blue Starsky
That Thing You Do with Your Mouth--Miriam Heddy
The Look--Carolyn Bell
Moon-Dance aka Tap-Shining (ZedCon 1998 Play)--L.A. Pinn
Thicker Than Blood--Linda M.

Still the One
<223 pages, 135,458 words>
Color Cover by Linda Cody
Interior Art by L.A. Pinn
Nominated for a Huggy Award (Best SH zine): 2003

Lonely Looking Sky--Lutra Cana
Rubber Room--Lynn Skywriter
Specialist Effects--L.A. Pinn
Charmed Lives--Lucy
Full Circle (poetry)--Helen
Skin Deep--Elizabeth Lowry
Jackpot--Theresa Kyle
A New Life--Helen
Trap Dancing--Isabel Ortiz
Mist Upon a Mountainside--Lutra Cana
Rain Check--Sandra f
How I Spent My Summer Vacation--Mary Louise Fisher
Collateral Damage--Moonshine & Writestuff

When Lightning Strikes
<228 pages, 132,481 words>
Color Cover by Linda Cody
Interior Art by L.A. Pinn
Sizzler Award (Best SH Zine): Connexions 2003
Huggy Award (Best SH zine): ZebraCon 2003

Moment Out of Time--Morgan LeFey
Guardian--Elizabeth Lowry
When I Was Sheriff of Beavertooth County--Mary Louise Fisher
Of Bondage and Lace--Lutra Cana
Don't Sing Tam Lin--Jat Sapphire
In the Midst of Life--L.A. Pinn
What a Difference a Night Makes--DMS
Games Partners Play--Theresa Kyle
I Remember L.A.--TigerTyger
Before Dawn (poetry)--Helen

In Your Eyes
<244 pages, 139,000 words>
Color Cover by Suzan Lovett
Color Interior Art by Helen.
Fan Q Award (Best S/H Zine): Media West 2004

Only Time Will Tell--Morgan LeFey
A House Full of Memories--Kimberly FDR
Blond Like the Sun (poetry)--Jean C.
Meteor Showers--Lutra Cana
This I Know (poetry)--Jean C.
As Soon As Forever is Through--Mary Louise Fisher
Solar Eclipse--Lutra Cana
Life is a Highway--Cyanne
Hey, Starsk! (poetry)--Jean C.
Through the Eyes of Science--Elizabeth Lowry
When Time Stands Still--Morgan LeFey and Jadis
The Sweetest Revenge--Linda M.
In the Shelter of Your Arms--Theresa Kyle

Back to Back
<251 pages, 137,000+ words>
Color Cover by Suzan Lovett
Interior Art by Helen
Fan Q Award (Best S/H Zine): Media West 2006

The Fix Remixed--m. butterfly
Baby You Can Drive My Car--Jen Hutchinson
Lifewatch--Linda M.
It's All in the Game--Mary Louise Fisher
Silver Bells--Kimberly FDR
Paint It Gray--Morgan Logan
Who Do You Trust?--Jen Hutchinson
Triangle--Theresa Kyle

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