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Venice Place Chronicles
Volume VIII
Story Blurbs

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Machismo by Kaye Austen Michaels
Starsky and Hutch have a good thing going. They have a partnership that works, a friendship second to none, and occasionally, they hit the sheets. Nothing complicated; nothing serious. Love just might have other ideas.

'Frisco Fantasy by Dana Austin Marsh
Serendipity, Starsky's persistence, and Hutch's lusty imagination combine to give the lovers a fantasy to play out during their weekend of freedom in San Francisco.

The Quiet by Gayle Smith
A vignette exploring Hutch's joy and sorrow.

Like Bedrock by Morgan Logan
A sudden tragedy forces Starsky and Hutch to travel to NYC to solve an all too personal case. Their partnership must withstand the turbulence of Starsky's grief, and hopefully grow stronger as a result.

Silver Lining by Dana Austin Marsh
Hutch discovers clouds really can have silver linings when a disturbance in his neighborhood sends him to Starsky's place looking for an uninterrupted night's sleep.

Wading in da Nile by Dawnwind
Shakespearean quotations, tainted soup, and a desperate, real-life version of hide and seek all bring changes, but the end of the game is only a new beginning for Starsky and Hutch.

Frog and Toad are Friends by Sylvia Bond
Starsky can't sleep, and he doesn't want to tell Hutch why.

Reprieve by Kaye Austen Michaels
Hutch suffers potentially fatal "side effects" from vested-chest gunshot injuries sustained during the race to find Joanna Haymes. Is Starsky fresh out of chances to tell his partner the truth about their relationship?

Nailed by Gayle Smith
A torn pants leg opens up new possibilities in this vignette.

An Unfolding by Jennifer C.
Something unexpected happens to Starsky and Hutch a week into a new phase in their relationship. Starsky tries to deal with it on his own, but will Hutch let him?

Sabotage! by Kaye Austen Michaels
Hutch has a new diet kick. Starsky has concerns. With the Tallman trial underway, and the Henderson case solved, Starsky has time to put a plan in motion that will show Hutch the downside of "far-out" food choices.

Out of the Ashes by Dana Austin Marsh
Starsky and Hutch both try to deal with unexpected feelings while investigating two cases that strike too close to home to be coincidence.

A Very Good Tradition by Morgan Logan
Starsky teaches Hutch that holidays can be enjoyable after all.

Corduroy Starsky by Sylvia Bond
A companion piece to "Velveteen Hutch," where Starsky finds a place for himself at Hutch's side.

The Truth Comes Out by Kaye Austen Michaels
Post-Gunther, Starsky has a new jacket and a new lease on life. Unfortunately, Hutch has new shoes, with dangerous shoelaces. One wrong step in a back alley of their district could change the entire course of their revived partnership and friendship.

A Trick of the Light by Gayle Smith
A vignette from Starsky's point of view, as he wonders why something is so tantalizing.

Living in a Moment by Dana Austin Marsh
Hutch had heard it said that, when you're dying, pivotal moments of your life pass before your eyes. After the Gunther hit, he discovers the same is painfully true when waiting for his reason for living to die.

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Reflections of the Way Life Used To Be
A Starsky and Hutch Slash Novel
by Dawnwind

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After Hutch is shot and ballistics matches the bullet to a shooting eight years earlier when he and Starsky were rookies, Starsky works to unravel both crimes and deal with his fear and emotions for Hutch. Seriously injured, Hutch is shocked by a surprise visit from someone from his past, as well as a slow-growing discovery that he's in love with someone he never expected--Starsky. Unknown to him, Starsky is struggling with the same slow-growing discovery. Past and present clash in both their private and professional lives. Can Starsky solve the reason behind Hutch's shooting? Can both Starsky and Hutch reach beyond being partners on the street and best friends to something more? Which past events shaped their lives? And if time alters perceptions of what is happening, is it ever possible to really know the truth?